360 Spin Camera/Video Booth Rental


Are you searching for a unique way to make your event unforgettable?
To make a Memories, Funny, Bonding, Happiness during your event?

Look no further than our cutting-edge 360 Spin Camera Booth rental service, designed to add a touch of innovation and excitement to any occasion. 
The 360 spin camera booth is suitable for any event. Such as Annual Dinner, Birthday Party, Graduation, etc.


Look to the best package price of 360 spin camera booth for rent in Malaysia.

360 Spin Camera Video Booth will included
Fun package: Spin camera, Ring light and instant Sharing.
Full package: Same as the Fun package but add on Smoke and Bubble machine, Random props and Lighting set. 

Overhead 360 Spin Camera Video Booth will included
Fun package
: Spin camera (Iphone quality), Ring light and instant Transfer.
Full package: Same as the Fun package with the quality of spin camera which is camera quality.
Add on with Smoke and Bubble machine, Random props, Lighting set and TV set.
Additional: Customize Backdrop (only for Overhead 360 spin camear video booth)


Both package will provided you with these:

  1. Sharing (Airdrop, QRCode)
  2. Softcopy All Video
  3. Free Custom Template
  4. Free transport within Klang Valley
  5. Macho-man Assistant
To rent our 360 spin camera booth at your event place. Elevate your experience, capture every angle, and create memories that will last a lifetime. You may enquiry our service now. 
Our Location: Klang Valley Selangor, Malaysia.

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